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2002      XINTE company established

2003      The Aluminum Rod production line first exported to Thailand.

2004      Began manufacturing secondary aluminum ingot production line

2005      Provided customers with 12 sets of Aluminum Rod production line in the whole year

2006      Adopted advanced technology, and developed Molten aluminum permanent magnet stirrer

2007      Developed Xinte’s first set of regenerative burner

2008      Began the development of twin-chamber furnace for the secondary aluminum industry

2009      Developed the aluminum melting furnace of non-stick aluminum whole castables, and brought a revolution to the Aluminum Rod industry in China

2010      Adopted laser controller to control the hydraulic tilting furnace, and achieved full-automatic control

2011      Successfully researched and developed dual-chamber aluminum melting furnace for secondary aluminum ingot production line

2012      Developed high-efficiency aluminum online degassing equipment

2013      Successfully developed new markets of seven countries

2013     Successfully designed and manufactured the Continuous Regenerative combustion system specially suitable for heavy oil and coal gas 

2014     The first set of Tilting Rotary Furnace, symbolic equipment for the secondary aluminum recycling industry in future, exported to Vietnam

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