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(Tilting rotary furnace) Al Ingot Recycling Line


            Tilting Rotary Furnace (TRF) is specially designed and used for remelting low quality aluminum scraps such as UBC, aluminum dross and slag, castings with iron, swarf/chips etc.

    Compared with normal melting furnaces for aluminum scraps, the aluminum recycling rate of TRF can be improved 3-5%, with 25-45% much more energy-saving and 30% faster melting speed.

    Various types of raw materials:

    dirty aluminum scraps
    aluminum scraps with iron
    aluminum cuttings & chips
    Used Beverage Cans (UBC)
    light & thin aluminum scraps
    aluminum slag & dross



    25%-50% energy-saving
    40%-50% less slag generation
    3%-8% lower aluminum loss
    35%-55% faster melting speed
    40% less industry salt application

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