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Al Alloy Rod Production Line(Aluminum alloy rod continuous casting and rolling production line/Aluminium pure rod continuous casting and rolling machine)


    The Al-Alloy Rod production line is specially designed and used for the manufacture of 1xxx,3xxx,6xxx,8xxx and some special aluminium alloy rods.The equipment for the full aluminum rod continuous casting and rolling line owns good performance,which can almost be comparable to European and American equipment.

    This production line adopts PLC and touch screen animation visual display to the control system. All the running parameters can be centralizely monitored and displayed.The technical parameters can be set,modified and displayed via the touch screen.It has auto-diagnosis and auto-protection functions against malfunctions.


    Aluminum alloy rod continuous casting and rolling production line,aluminium pure rod continuous casting and rolling machine,aluminim alloy CCR equipment,continuous casting and rolling machine for Aluminium Rod Furnace,pure aluminium rod and alloy rod machine/equipment,aluminium pure rod continuous casting & rolling line

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